Friday, June 20, 2008

Peruvian government attacks violently civilian protestors in southern Peru

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La Lucha Indigena, a canpesino and indigenous newspaper, directed by Hugo Blanco, has pointed out for over a year the state terrorist character of the Alan Garcia regime.

This report confirms that analysis in spades.

Felipe Stuart

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The videos you are about to see are a bit shocking. For 18 months the people of the Moquegua region (southeastern Peru) and the mining workers from that region have been seeking for peaceful negotiations with the Peruvian government of Lima.

The moqueguanos were trying to lobby against a bill sent by the Peruvian executive to Congress which could mean a reduction of the royalties paid by foreign mining companies - Southern Copper Corporation (USA/Mexico) in this case - which are very important for the Moquegua region after the extraction of their natural resources. But workers were ignored.So it was clear for the over 22.000 people of Moquegua - they are not delincuents as the press from Lima called them- that their protest had became necessary and legitimate. They began a hunger strike and blockade of a national highway, eight days ago.

The violence we can see in these videos is the result of the negligence and arrogance of the Garcia administration and the Peruvian right-wing politicians. They have attacked workers who are fighting for their legitimate interests with tear gas.

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