Monday, February 11, 2008

February 2008 Edition of Lucha Indígena Now Available

The February 2008 (Año 2, No. 18) is now available in PDF format.

Lucha Indígena is published by Peruvian campesino and Native leader Hugo Blanco, and edited by Enrique Fernández Chacón (Cochero).

Below is a translation of the main editorial for this issue.

If you would like to receive a copy of the PDF file, please contact me at

Sol y paz

Felipe Stuart C.

Lucha Indígena Editorial – February 2008 Edition

(Translated by Felipe Stuart Cournoyer)

Three important events marked the month of January.

  • An accelerating economic collapse of the main bastion of capitalism, the United States, which is sinking the world. It invaded Iraq for oil, but the tarnishing of their image that this has led to deepens its crisis.
  • Massive protest by the people of Cusco against the semi privatization of archeological monuments by the government in the service of multinational firms.
  • Culmination of the hunger strike of our Mapuche sister by adoption, Patricia Troncoso, following protests in different places around the world against the “socialist” Bachelet government that is using a law of the dictatorship to jail Mapuche brothers and sisters in the exact same style as the hated Pinochet.

Lucha Indígena has economic difficulties. A publication does not sustain itself through sales but with ads. But people are afraid to place ads in our periodical for fear of being “seen as terrorists.” Despite that, with help from friends who understand the importance of maintaining this voice, we commit ourselves to keep on fighting month by month for indigenous people and for humanity as a whole, now threatened with extinction by multinational firms that are killing us all with global warming and various forms of environmental pollution.

We publish news the big press that serves large firms disparages, distorts, or considers insignificant. But reason and right are on our side; we are not going to go down on our knees.

Lucha Indígena will keep on publishing, possibly with the same format we have used for the first 15 editions of this Periodical-Magazine. It has already won a place for itself in the bosom of broad grassroots movements, and especially among those who identify with the originary peoples.

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